Personal Genomes (Virtual Conference)

Promoting greater diversity and ethical sharing of genome data   This Wellcome Genome Campus UK virtual conference will bring together geneticists, bioinformaticians, and clinicians from academic and the commercial sector interested in learning the extent to which current genetic testing technologies can help people learn about their personal health and heritage. The meeting aims to …

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Genomic Scenarios in Primary Care

The Wellcome Genome Campus, in partnership with Future Learn, are excited to announce their new, free online course “Genomic Scenarios in Primary Care”. On this course you will explore the role of genomics in primary care practice through real world case studies and learn how to manage patients with direct to consumer tests. Topics covered: …

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Clinical cases and Michael Feiwel lecture: New treatments for patients with genetic skin diseases

This RSM webinar will explore clinical cases and present the Michael Feiwel lecture. The lecture will cover recent innovations and new treatments that dermatologists can offer patients in their own clinics.   This webinar will cover:  The diagnosis and management of some of the rarer and more unusual dermatology conditions and unusual presentations of common dermatological problems …

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Virtual Cancer Genetics Course 20/21

    What is the Virtual Cancer Genetics Course? This virtual course will teach the core concepts of risk stratification using family history as a tool to enable patients to access appropriate management strategies. Participants will be equipped with the basics of cancer genetic counselling and sessions will include approaches to genetic testing, management of …

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South East Genomics

Welcome to our new home

We have recently changed our name from the NHS London South Genomic Laboratory Hub to the NHS South East Genomic Laboratory HubWe think it better reflects the region we cover!

Hello! Welcome to the South East GLH website. The site is not fully supported in older versions of Internet Explorer. To get the best experience, we recommend that you use Google Chrome or Firefox to browse the site.

With any Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) test ordered, a Record of Discussion (RoD) form will also need to be submitted. This document is to record the patient’s consent for genomic testing and their choice on taking part in research. Guidance on the patient choice conversation can be found here
This RoD form will be available for clinicians to download from this webpage. Once completed with the patient, it can be send to the lab with the corresponding test order form and sample.
Tests available to order will be listed in the National Genomic Test Directory. A test order form will soon be made available for clinicians on this webpage to download and complete. This form will include the address of the laboratory that the appropriate sample and completed form needs to be sent to.
Until the new Genomic Laboratory Service goes live, please continue to follow existing test order processes.
Later this year, the online test ordering tool for Whole Genome Sequencing will be integrated into the National Genomics Informatics System (NGIS) and clinicians will be able to search or filter to find a clinical indication, confirm eligibility criteria and start the test request process for their patient.