Clinical Genomic Services: Public Consultation

Public consultation on clinical genomics services in England

NHS England are currently seeking views on proposed changes to the Clinical Genomic Service Specification. This Service Specification outlines standards for clinical genomic services in England. Some changes to this specification are being considered which NHS England is seeking feedback from the public on.

The consultation is open from 1 September until midnight on 30 September. 

Consultation documents which help explain the changes being suggested can be found on the NHSE consultation webpage, along with the link to the online questionnaire to provide feedback.

NHSE will also be holding two webinars where you can hear more about the changes and have the opportunity to ask any questions. 

Webinar 1: NHS staff, healthcare professionals and policymakers 
Date: Monday 12 September, 10am – 11am
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Webinar 2: Patients, patient groups and charities and other stakeholders
Date: Wednesday 14 September, 10am – 11am
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With any Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) test ordered, a Record of Discussion (RoD) form will also need to be submitted. This document is to record the patient’s consent for genomic testing and their choice on taking part in research. Guidance on the patient choice conversation can be found here
This RoD form will be available for clinicians to download from this webpage. Once completed with the patient, it can be send to the lab with the corresponding test order form and sample.
Tests available to order will be listed in the National Genomic Test Directory. A test order form will soon be made available for clinicians on this webpage to download and complete. This form will include the address of the laboratory that the appropriate sample and completed form needs to be sent to.
Until the new Genomic Laboratory Service goes live, please continue to follow existing test order processes.
Later this year, the online test ordering tool for Whole Genome Sequencing will be integrated into the National Genomics Informatics System (NGIS) and clinicians will be able to search or filter to find a clinical indication, confirm eligibility criteria and start the test request process for their patient.